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Asphalt Paver Wear Parts - American Heavy Parts

High Quality Repair Parts for
Popular Asphalt Pavers
Screeds • Floor Plates • Conveyor Chains • Sprockets • Augers • Bearings • Flight Bars • Rubber Tracks • Rubber & Poly Pads • Track Components • Hardware • and other wear parts
American Heavy Parts is a worldwide ITR dealer, and offers a wide range of asphalt paver repair parts. Precision manufactured from the highest quality materials to insure excellent field performance. AHP and ITR paver parts can reduce equipment maintenance costs while providing extended component service life in tough working applications.
ITR Asphalt Paver Parts - American Heavy Parts
Warranty: AHP and ITR Products are engineered to provide Superior Machine Performance in extreme woring conditions and are fully covered by the AHP and ITR Product Warranty.
American Heavy Parts - ITR - Asphalt Paver Parts
New Repair Parts for use on:
Roadtec ®
Leeboy ®
Cedar Rapids ®
Blaw Knox ®
Barber Greene ®

Caterpillar ®
Champion ®
and other manufacturers..
Cat Asphalt Pavers - American Heavy Parts Cedar Rapids Asphalt Paver - American Heavy Parts Leeboy Asphalt Pavers - American Heavy Parts

Note:  Manufacturer's names, symbols and descriptions are used for part reference purposes only.
Parts sold apply to these manufacturer's equipment, however, it is not implied that any part listed or sold is the product of these manufacturers.

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