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We have access to many other engine cores of many makes and models. Let us know what you are looking for..

Cat C10 Core
Dropped Valve
Block & Crankshaft Good
S/N: 8YS05285
A/R: 155-3440

$1,750 US Plus Freight
Ref: AHP-010
Cat 3516 Engine Core for Cat 793B Haul Truck - American Heavy Parts

Cat 3516 Engine Core
Application: 793B Haul Truck
S/N: 2PK
A/R: 7E6499
Takeout Runner
Needs Overhaul

$69,500 US Plus Freight
Ref: AHP-013

Cat 379 Engine Core

Repairable Core
Power Unit Application
Standard Crank

$12,000 US 
Cat 398 Engine Core
Repairable Core
Standard Crankshaft
s/n 66B9000 

$27,000 US

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