Caterpillar Running Takeout Engines

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 Caterpillar D3516 DITA 1249 HP @ 1600 RPM

Caterpillar D3516 DITA 
S/N 6CL00216
A/R 9Y9200
1249 HP @ 1600 RPM
Twin Turbo and Aftercooled
Excellent Takeout Runner
Price: $33,500 US
REF: AHP-0014

Caterpillar 3116 Good Takout Running Engines
170 HP
S/N 2BK19373
S/N 7SF16760
Mechanical Injection
Price: $3,900 US
 Caterpillar 3406E with 40-pin ECM

Caterpillar 3406E 
with 40-pin ECM
A/R 7C4007
355 Horsepower
Price: $4,750 US
REF: AHP-014
 Caterpillar 3406B DITA Turbo

Caterpillar 3406B DITA
Turbo / Water Aftercooled
A/R 7C4007
310 Horsepower
Twin Turbos
Price: $5,250 US
REF: AHP-014
 Caterpillar 3508 DITA running takeout engine for D11 dozer


Caterpillar 3508 DITA
for D11N Dozer

Takeout Runner
S/N 99W
Direct Injection
Twin Turbos
Price: $34,975 US
REF: AHP-014
Caterpillar 3412C Complete Engine
100 hours since new
S/N 38S20000
A/R 7C6769
Please call for price
Caterpillar 399
631 hours since new
S/N 35B4117
1225 HP @ 1200 RPM
Special Pricing at $110,000 US
 - Reduced to $90,000 US
Ref. AHP-009
 Cat 3064 Running Takeout Engine
Caterpillar 3046 Non-Turbo
Takeout Running Engine
New Gaskets
Reman Fuel Pump
30 Day Warranty
Price: Please call for price
Ref: AHP-006
 Cat D399 Running Takeout Engine - 3000 hrs since new

Caterpillar D379 
Running Engine
s/n 68B1823  
3000 hours since new
Includes alternator and starter
Service records available upon request
$12,500 US
Ref. AHP-01
Caterpillar D379B
Good takeout runner, Standard Crank, 
s/n 3N1129,  Arr. No. 3N1129
Mechanical governor
Engine came out of a Manitowoc 4600 Crane

Price: $19,950 USD plus shipping
New Price $16,950 USD - Make Offer

Cat D399 Takeout Runner
Caterpillar D399
Takeout runner from a drilling rig, Rebuildable Engine, Standard Crank, guaranteed to polish standard. Bearings standard. s/n 35B328.

Price: Please call for price

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